Theradome vs Igrow Review 2019 – Choose the Right Laser Therapy for You


Looking for the best laser cap can be intimidating – there are many brands in the market now! Brands aside, you have to look carefully at the specifications included and buy a device depending on how far your hair loss has progressed, and what you can afford. This Theradome vs Igrow review compares two of the cheaper brands and will help you find value for your money.


While I’ve had very few issues with my hair all my life, it’s an entirely different thing when it comes to my husband. He had no problems in his youthful years, and I could see it in his old high school photos – it all started when he hit his forties. This is what prompted me to get some laser therapy as a gift, and write this Theradome vs Igrow review for anyone else interested in these caps!

Though he rarely complained about it, I could see it affected him whenever he checked his hair in the mirror every morning. We both knew balding was in the cards for him since it ran in his family, but we decided not to give up yet and see if we could do something about it. Since his hair loss was still in his early stages, we knew there was still a chance to regrow his hair.

Theradome Helmet

Unlike other Low-Level Light Therapy treatments that came in portable ball caps, the helmets were cheaper, and they’re what we got. Besides, he had enough time every day to spare a few minutes to wear the cap in the evening. The official website is quite informative, and we got everything we needed to know via the site, the customer care rep, and the user manual with the cap.


The sleek helmet has 80 laser diodes and fits his head amazingly. The adaptive pads around the inside also make it comfortable and easy to adjust. My husband particularly enjoyed that Theradome was cordless, followed audio commands, and had an automated shutoff after 20 minutes.


My husband wore the helmet for 20 minutes every alternate day as instructed.


  • Informative website with clear guides
  • Cheaper than most ball cap models
  • Audio commands are handy
  • You don’t have to wear every day


  • Less coverage if you have advanced hair loss

Igrow Helmet

The Igrow cap was also much cheaper than many other laser caps in the market, and the reviews seemed good. This was our first option before we went for Theradome. Comparing the two, the Igrow website wasn’t well organized, and the main page was what kept loading. Still, we weren’t willing to give up and relied on the information on the user manual, and from a customer care rep.


Though Igrow uses similar LLLT as Theradome, they use LED lights as well – which Theradome does not apply. The helmet is also hands-free and has headphones with an auxiliary cord which my husband used to listen to his country tunes while waiting for the timer to signal the end of the session. There were four flexible columns on the inside of the cap to help in adjustments.


There was mixed information regarding the right time to wear the helmet, but he went for 30 minutes as the customer care rep instructed.


  • FDA-approved
  • Cheaper than many models
  • Headphones are a good bonus


  • The website needs to set clear guides on usage
  • Took longer to see results


I’d recommend Theradome – they had better information and a better helmet than Igrow.


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