Theradome vs HairMax Review 2019 – Which Laser Product is Worth It?


In the world of hair loss, more options are now available to battle the balding without relying on treatments with harsh side effects. Having had my hands on some of the best laser devices around, this Theradome vs HairMax review compares two of my favorite brands in my hair growth journey.


It is not uncommon to experience hair loss in your early twenties. I have, and it negatively affects your self-esteem. We all look forward to great hair at the prime of our youths and knowing that it won’t be the case for you can leave you depressed at a young age. However, being around in the age of technology has its benefits, and this is where the Theradome vs HairMax review comes in.

You’ve probably heard of laser therapy. In the cosmetic world, you may know that many women (and men) go for laser sessions to effectively get rid of unwanted hair. The same technology, but at different wavelengths, is harnessed to encourage hair growth in individuals struggling with hair loss. Theradome and HairMax are just two of the many brands seeking to put an end to hair loss!

Theradome Laser Helmet

The first thing you notice is that Theradome is a helmet, unlike other laser devices that come in the form of ball caps. With this, you don’t have to visit a laser clinic occasionally for your treatments. You use it in the comfort of your home.

How it works

Under the helmet, 80 laser diodes emit Low-Level Light Therapy for the period you wear the cap. Laser Therapy (or Phototherapy) seeps into your scalp, all the way down to your hair follicles boosting follicular activity and allowing new healthy hair growth stages for fuller and stronger hair.


I wore the helmet for 20 minutes twice a week in the evening while relaxing or running a chore.


  • Hands-free and cordless
  • FDA-approved
  • Decent scalp coverage
  • Better design than many laser caps and helmets
  • Showed results in the fifth month


  • No battery percentage screen

HairMax Laser Comb

HairMax laser devices are combs that have different numbers of laser beams. You also use it at home, or wherever you are comfortable since the design is quite sleek and light.

How it works

What makes the HairMax laser comb efficient is its ability to part the hair and allow the laser beams to reach the scalp directly – without any hindrance from extra hair. it also uses the same laser therapy to reactivate your hair follicles and improve your hair growth, minimizing hair loss and preventing balding.


I had the 12-laserbeams HairMax and only had to use it for eight minutes for three days in a week. You have to glide slowly over the area you’d like to cover.


  • Light and sleek design
  • FDA-certified
  • You can focus on desired scalp points
  • Has a battery percentage screen


  • Battery runs out quicker
  • Not hands-free like most caps
  • I noticed changes past the sixth month


Though the HairMax comb is cheaper between the two, I recommend the Theradome laser cap because the design quality is really amazing, and I had better results.


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