Theradome vs Capillus Review 2019 – Best Laser Hair Growth Device


Dealing with hair loss, however extensive, can be difficult and stressful. Let’s not forget how expensive and hard it can be finding a sure remedy for your hair. On the other hand, prescription medication like Minoxidil often come with unpleasant side effects; sometimes, the adverse reactions aren’t even worth using the treatment. I’ve created this Theradome vs Capillus review to show you other hair growth options worth trying.


Having dealt with balding and thinning hair for a while, I’ve had my fair share of laser hair treatment in the last two years. That’s right, if you’re just finding out about laser therapy for hair growth, the devices have been around for the past few years, and they have garnered quite the attention! This Theradome vs Capillus review focuses on two significant products that I’ve had the luck to use in my hair recovery journey.

That’s not to say that there aren’t many more laser cap devices in the market. Since the demand is steadily rising due to the ease of use, more brands are coming forward with their caps – as helmets or concealed caps. However, I found that I preferred Theradome and Capillus after doing lots of research. The kits aren’t cheap, but they are worth it!


The first thing that caught my eye while scrolling through the website was how easy it was scrolling through all the information. It was easy navigating through the pages and learning more about the company and their products. Theradome is based in Silicon Valley, USA, where they use highly advanced medical technology.


The Theradome LH80 is a hair growth helmet made mostly for use at home. It has 80 lasers, an inbuilt cooling system, master switch, USB charging port, a rechargeable battery, automated 20-minute timer, and foam pads on the inside for comfort. With the helmet, you’ll have a user manual with instructions and starting guide, USB cable to charge, and a case to carry your kit.

How to Use

You only need to put the helmet on for 20 minutes for two or three days a week. If you’re busy during the day, you can wear it in the evening while running random chores.


The details and care involved in the Capillus website are terrific. They have more diode-number variety than most laser caps I’ve encountered, and the customer care is superb. Also, they sell their products directly (from their site) and through physicians and hair professionals to make sure you get the right cap for your hair needs alongside answering your questions.


Capillus consider portability more than Theradome. Instead of a helmet, the laser device is concealed beneath a ball cap to ensure privacy if you are outdoors. You can choose the 82, 202 or 272 laser-diode caps depending on your needs and advice you can get on the website. You get a battery case, manual, and a case for the entire package for portability.

How to Use

Timing depends on the number of diodes in your cap. I have the Capillus 82, and I wear it for 30 minutes a day. The user manual is helpful for your first time, and you can reach their website for any queries.


  • Light and great for outdoor use
  • FDA-approved
  • Different caps and other hair growth products you can use together with the cap


  • Expensive


I love both products since I’ve had the time to observe positive results with both caps. Since I got them at a similar price range, I’d recommend picking Capillus if you’re often outdoors, and Theradome if you always have the time to wear the helmet indoors.


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