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Hair loss is one of the reasons most people have self-esteem issues. It can be detrimental and stressful especially if you do not have any ideas on how to handle the situation. Most people opt to shave clean their hair. Interestingly there are shampoos made to solve this problem such as Nioxin.

Nioxin was created after years of research on understanding hair loss. Statistics show that out of every 1000 people, 100 of them have experienced hair loss once in their lives. This statistic maybe worrying but Nioxin conditioner and hair shampoo offers assurance on solving thinning and scalp concerns.

Nioxin is made as a conditioner and shampoo to help in scalp issues this includes hair loss and scalp treatment. Continuous use of Nioxin helps in ensuring a healthy scalp and address hair thinning issues.

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What are the ingredients and benefits of Nioxin conditioner and shampoo?

Nioxin conditioner and shampoo is made with sunscreen and essential vitamins such as lanolin, hydrolysed con protein, fruit oil and Glycol colour shield which have the following effects:

  • Conditions, protects and moisturizes hair and scalp, and restores lost essential hair oils.
  • Moisturizes and rejuvenates damaged hair
  • Hair is enriched with vitamins and sunscreen.
  • Protects hair from brittleness and drying caused by heat-styling tools and helps prevent split ends and breakage.
  • Restores the natural beauty of your hair leaving it looking soft and easy to manage


Nioxin has several part systems that are used to give maximum results to your hair. Each system is designed to solve the problem areas such as thin hair lining, dry scalp, and receding hairline.


Directions of use

Step 1

The system is made to solve hair breakage. The Nioxin shampoo is poured onto wet hair while massaging thoroughly to the scalp and hair. The beauty of this is it can be done at home and there is less hustle. Provides shine and ensure the hair is healthy.


Step 2

After massaging ensure it lasts for about 15 minutes without washing the hair. The blend of vitamin E present ensures the hair appears denser, therefore, solving hair thinning and brings out the natural, fine hair look.


Step 3

Wash the hair with warm water and rinse it severally while massaging the scalp this serves as skin therapy and restores moisture to the hair. This helps to solve scalp concerns and ensuring hair thinning is an issue of the past.


The beauty of Nioxin hair shampoo and conditioner is it can be used by all types of hair. From chemical hair to natural normal hair. There is therapy treatment that is great to accompany the 3 step system for battling hair loss although it requires a lot more time to attend to yourself.

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Final Thought.

If you have experienced hair loss or afraid that it will happen in future and you decide to look out for a conditioner and shampoo, I would recommend you to try Nioxin hair conditioner and shampoo. Although it requires several systems to get maximum results it’s a worthy investment for your hair.


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