Irestore vs HairMax Review 2019 – Laser Treatments for Your Hair Loss


Your physical appearance is always important in setting a first and lasting impression wherever you go. When your hair isn’t as healthy as it should be, it can affect your entire look and put a damper on your spirits. This Irestore vs HairMax review looks at two laser treatment solutions you have available.


Alopecia and hair thinning from genes aside, sometimes we cannot control what happens to our hair. After falling ill for a couple of months, I experienced significant hair loss and breakage at the end of it all. After talking to my doctor about the solutions available, I settled on two popular laser treatment devices – thus the Irestore vs HairMax review for anyone interested in these products.

Laser devices for hair growth aren’t just for people struggling with alopecia and thinning hair. If you feel like your hair could use a good boost to restore it to its former glory, you can consider laser therapy. There are pretty good reviews from many men and women who’ve used them, and I have as well.

Irestore Laser Therapy

Irestore is among the few laser helmets that have positive reviews and at a lower price than most in the market. According to their clinical research in 2017, in four months, all the male and female users in the study had visible growth after those months. From their website, they promise 100% money back guarantee if you see no changes in six months.

The Product

The Irestore helmet has a smooth design that is easy to wear and light on the head. The laser diodes also incorporate LED lights which make it easy to tell when you’re in use. Irestore is mainly intended for indoor use, and for both men and women dealing with alopecia, balding, and thinning hair.


Aside from essentials like a rechargeable battery and charger, the package has a user manual that has all the information you need. I wore my Irestore cap for 25 minutes every day.


  • No need to hold the cap
  • Cordless and allows movement while waiting
  • FDA-certified
  • Drug-free and safe


  • Best to prevent and not reverse baldness
  • Results take a couple of months

HairMax Laser Therapy

Unlike the Irestore cap, HairMax is smaller and among the first laser combs to receive FDA certification. According to their research, 90% of their study participants showed improved hair growth.

The Product 

HairMax is a comb that has laser beams at the comb teeth. You have a variety on the number of laser beams you’d like to have on your comb depending on the cost, severity of your hair loss, and even preference. The sleek and light design makes it easy to comb the laser light through your scalp for the recommended time.


I went for the HairMax-12 which had 12 laser teeth, and I only had to use it three times a week. Each session went for 8 minutes. You have to comb through your scalp slowly to give the laser enough time to seep into your scalp.


  • FDA-approved
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Safe
  • Battery charge screen


  • Battery ran out quite fast
  • Not hands-free like the caps and helmets
  • Also takes longer to see results


Given the slight difference in costs and the difference in ease, I say you should go for Irestore. The helmet is much more durable, and the charge goes for longer.


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