Castor Oil For Hair Growth


Though castor oil started gaining popularity in the hair and skincare world over the past few years, history regarding this thick oil’s importance in medicine goes far back. You can use this oil to support your hair growth.



Castor plants and seeds are native to tropical regions like Asia and Africa. With the advancements in transport and technology, you can have your castor oil (or any other oil not native to your home) at your convenience. If you have never used castor oil before, you are missing out on the benefits that this product has to offer!

What’s better, you can use castor oil for so many other purposes – and they are all tried and tested. One particular characteristic that castor oil owns is its ability to act as a laxative. Too much consumption can lead to diarrhea so, do your research if you are planning on testing this out.

The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties can help you fight acne and a range of other fungal and bacterial infections. However, make sure you are not one of the individuals in the small percentage of people that react negatively to castor oil. Apply a small amount of the oil on the inner side of your arm and wait for a day before giving it the go ahead.

What Can Castor Oil Do For Your Hair?

Ricinoleic acid is natural and in high doses in pure castor oil – this is what’s responsible for the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Your scalp and the roots of your hair may occasionally hold some bacteria or fungus which stunt hair growth. Castor oil can prevent the occurrence of these infections while fighting them. Do make sure you see a doctor if they are extensive, though!

Other vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids nourish your scalp and hair, especially by locking in the moisture and preventing a dry, flaky scalp, and weak, brittle hair. Fatty acids like omega-6 can even improve blood flow beneath your scalp and lead to more growth. Castor oil also protects your hair from the harsh environmental factors you are exposed to each day, minimizing the chances of hair loss.

There are countless ways you can use castor oil for your hair. Some of my favorite methods include adding castor oil to my conditioner (you might want to test it out with a small amount first! I suggest Cammile Q organic castor oil), using it for my occasional hot oil treatment, and adding a few manageable drops to my regular hair oil or hairspray.

A few tips that can help you if you are relatively new at using castor oil:

  • Cover your shoulders and the area around you when using castor oil, it can be messy and create quite some stains!
  • Don’t use too much castor oil; a few tablespoons are enough
  • Dampening, detangling your hair, and warming the oil ( a little) can help your hair absorb your oil and take in the nutrients
  • You can mix your castor oil with other lighter oils like jojoba or avocado for easier application

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Your first experience may or may not be messy; mine was slightly chaotic! Interestingly, I found that I prefer using my fingertips to massage the oil into my scalp and hair over using a dropper. Let the castor oil stay in your hair for about 30 minutes before washing it out. You can do this twice a week or as you wish!


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